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AXA Sprint

The AXA Sprint is the most basic AXA LED light model. It comes in the Sprint10 and Sprint20 versions, which have brightnesses of 10 and 20 lux respectively. The light is primariliy designed for city riding and claims to have a wide beam giving lateral visibility.

Reviews None currently available.
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Sprint1010 lux
Sprint2020 lux
Beam Pattern
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None available. Manufacturer states,

Sprint1030 meters ‘to see’, 1500 meters ‘to be seen’
Sprint2045 meters ‘to see’, 2500 meters ‘to be seen’
Stand Light
What is a stand light?
‘Steady’ models.
Auto Switch
What is auto switching?
‘Auto’ models.
Side Lights
What are side lights?
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Yes. On body of light.
Daytime mode
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USB Output
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Speed Variable Beam
What is a speed variable beam?
Warranty2 years.
Manufacturer product page.Sprint10 Switch
Sprint10 Auto
Sprint20 Steady Auto