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Busch and Müller LUMOTEC IQ-XS

As the name might suggest, the Busch and Müller IQ-XS is a smaller, less powerful companion to the IQ-X. Alongside the lower light output (70 lux vs 100 lux) is also a considerably smaller price. Except for the light output, the IQ-XS is otherwise identically featured to the IQ-X.

Price €79.90
Reviews None currently available.
Read about brightness and lux.
70 lux
Beam Pattern
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Photo at Busch and Müller.
Stand Light
What is a stand light?
Auto Switch
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Side Lights
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Yes. On body of light.
Daytime mode
What is a daytime mode?
USB Output
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Speed Variable Beam
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Warranty 2 years.
Manufacturer product page. LUMOTEC IQ-XS

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