Dynamo Lights
A comprehensive resource for dynamo systems.

Useful Links and Resources for Dynamo Systems

These are a selection of resources and further reading on bicycle dynamos.


W.Scholten has put together probably the largest volume of original tests and discussions on bicycle dynamos. The amount and depth of content is very impressive, though it can be difficult navigate. Much of the technical discussion is in excess of what most people require, but if you really want to get in deep this is the place for you. The writing can be quite opinionated, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Recommended content:

Peter White Cycles

Primarily a bike shop, but their website has quite a bit of useful information on dynamo lighting.

Recommended content:


A bit obvious, but it’s not a bad place to start. The content about bicycle dynamos and lights is a bit patchy, however there is some value there.

Recommended content:

oKKio al Watt

This is a blog for those who are into the electrical side of things. The content is mostly experiments with dynamos and or usb charging.


You can find lots of useful discussions on dynamos in various forums, but there are a few with more focus on dynamos.

Candle Power Forums

Candle power forums have a very active subforum on bicycle lighting (not dynamo lighting specifically). There is more focus on DIY systems than other forums.

Cycling UK (CTC) Forums

The Cycling UK forum is a great resource for all things touring and this extends to dynamo lighting.

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