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Busch and Müller LUMOTEC Lyt

The LUMOTEC Lyt is Busch and Müller’s entry level light. Cheap but great value with lots of options. Best suited to lit urban environments, but still useable in unlit areas. Indeed, the light output of this ‘basic’ light is greater than even the best lights available before LEDs. For sustained riding in unlit areas a more powerful light with a more controlled beam shape should be considered.

The design of the light incorporates a reflector ring which gives extra night time visibility and a more classic style. A light emitting area wraps around the side of the light to give lateral visibility at night. A dedicated daytime mode is available on the ‘T’ model which improves rider visibility in daylight.

Price €20-45
Reviews Dave McCraw
Dorky Thorpy
Read about brightness and lux.
B senso plus
BN plus
20 lux
Senso plus
N plus
25 lux
T senso plus 30 lux
Beam Pattern
Read about beam patterns.
Photo at Busch and Müller.
Photo at Peter White Cycles.
Stand Light
What is a stand light?
‘plus’ models only.
See table at Busch and Müller.
Auto Switch
What is auto switching?
‘senso’ models only.
See table at Busch and Müller.
Side Lights
What are side lights?
Yes. Directed from main LED.
Read about types of switch.
Yes. On body of light.
Daytime mode
What is a daytime mode?
‘T’ model only.
See table at Busch and Müller.
USB Output
Read about USB outputs.
Speed Variable Beam
What is a speed variable beam?
Warranty 2 years.
Manufacturer product page LUMOTEC Lyt