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Busch and Müller LUMOTEC IQ-X

The Busch and Müller LUMOTEC IQ-X is the latest revision of their IQ optics. The beam is supposedly more homogenous and is the brightest produced by Busch and Müller at 100 lux. The focus is purely on light output and doesn’t offer the option for USB charging, which is available on Busch and Müller’s other top end light, the Luxos. The design language is new for Busch and Müller, with a simple clean design. Unlike most Busch and Müller lights, which have a wide range of options, the LUMOTEC IQ-X is available in just two options, which are for colour.

Price €140
Reviews W.Scholten
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100 lux
Beam Pattern
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Photo 1 at Busch and Müller.
Photo 2 at Busch and Müller.
Stand Light
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Auto Switch
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Side Lights
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Yes. On body of light.
Daytime mode
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USB Output
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Speed Variable Beam
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Warranty 2 years.
Manufacturer product page. LUMOTEC IQ-X