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Trelock BIKE-i GO

The Trelock BIKE-i GO is the second to top model in the Trelock range. It offers a focussed beam with 40 lux brightness.

Trelock BIKE-i GO dynamo light product photo. The light is shown on it own with a white background.
Image Source: TRELOCK GmbH.
Price €35-40
Reviews None currently available.
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40 lux
Beam Pattern
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None available. Manufacturer states,
“Field of vision of 60 m and Visibility of 3500 m”.
Stand Light
What is a stand light?
Auto Switch
What is auto switching?
LS 433 No.
LS 435 Yes.
Side Lights
What are side lights?
No. Does emit some light to the sides.
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Yes. On body of light.
Daytime mode
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USB Output
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Speed Variable Beam
What is a speed variable beam?
Warranty 2 years.
Manufacturer product page. BIKE-i Go